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Do not try to point me to other solutions or forums. Thanks. 

My wife and I have had "Unable to Join Match" problems for years with Techland. Our NAT is open. We clear cache. Reset MAC addresses.

Don't tell me we can't join from the same network on different Xboxes, we've been able to join each other on random occasions. The worst part is we quit trying in the Dead Island games, but want to play the upcoming Dying Light DLCs.

We don't have this problem with any games except for the ones from Techland. We want to continue playing your wonderfully created games, but this problem has been consistent for years. 

Buying the same game repeatedly to access new content should allow us to play co-op more than once every six months. I want a permanent solution and I want a legitimate response.

Thanks for all your hard work.

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See you got a quick response there! I've been having similar issues. I've got Xbox in DMZ, reset cache, nat is open and my friends followed the same steps. I can join random people just not my friend. Surprised to hear that it's not just this game! You advertise multiplayer/co-op you expect it to work and it's surprising it made it through QC. Shame really as it's a brilliant game and hats off to techland for making it. Don't get this issue with any other modern game so not sure what the problem is

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We did find one thing that seems to work. Go to your network settings through your browser and completely disable IPv6.

Not exactly a permanent solution and one Techland should honestly be ashamed of, but we've been able to play together this week. 

Thanks for the reminder. I meant to update this thread earlier. 

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