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Suggestion regarding crafting speed (Too slow)

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I kinda find this hard to believe that I'm only person who's been thinking that Dying Light's crafting speed is a bit slow. Also the fact that you can't see chat while you're crafting is a bit bothering.

I'd like to suggest that perhaps every Legend skill-tree rank add 10% increase towards crafting speed, or at least chat should be visible while crafting. While in Co-Op, the possibility that I may miss chat while crafting is always getting me, so I have to close menu, then go back, which is... somewhat uncomfortable.

And I don't know honestly how long this has been bothering me, maybe about an year? I can't recall, it definitely has to be longer than half year. It'd be truly awesome if Techland did something about this.


TL;DR: Increase crafting speed. Allow chat to be visible while crafting. Perhaps each Legend skill-tree rank should increase crafting speed by 10-15%.


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