need techland account to get free Dying Light - Harran Military Rifle

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I've sent the key to you personally, check your PM.

You can activate it by opening your Steam Client, select "ADD A GAME..." option it's at bottom and left side, then "Activate a Product on Steam..." copy & paste code and press "NEXT >".


Have fun!

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To get the Harran Military Rifle, update your game first, please. Then, go to the product's website, sign up for a free Gemly account and add the product to your account:
In addition, take a look at the following infograph, please:

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On 9/11/2018 at 9:02 AM, Grzegorz Krawczyk said:

Here is the option to sign up for a new Techland Account at Gemly:



None of this works.


Gemly requires a Techland account to activate but there is nowhere on Techland's website to create an account, except for this forum .. and the Join Using Facebook option does absolutely nothing.


All you do is go around in a very small circle and no activation email is ever sent from Gemly to process the account info.

Another curious thing which lacks any logic is .. you can change a password for an unactivated account on Gemly.

You get an email to change the password of the account, but Gemly refuses to activate the Techland account.

Definite weirdness going on there.

Edited by Jenn Zed

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14 minutes ago, Grzegorz Krawczyk said:

@Jenn ZedThen all you need to do is write to us. Also, note that there is no universal Techland Account, each website, this Forum included, requires an individual account to use its services.


With the above in mind, your account has been activated. You can sign in now.


Thank you, Grzegorz .. that's much appreciated. The account is now active and your help is very much appreciated :)


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