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DLC Weapon idea

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Sniper with bullet travel and bullet drop ^_^ it will add another lvl fun on top of the already amazing game. Every critical head shot to have its own head explosion animation with slow motion just like when we do crits with melee weapons. <3 i know its kinda OP to have Sniper in DL, add it at the end of the game or something like that. Oh and not usable versus The Hunter for reasons XD 

My tough on how to get the sniper: After completing the main game + the following part, it will spawn on top of tall building and we dont just grab it like machete from the ground XD instead it have unique grab animation + and slowly taking a look at the weapon, than aiming it fast to the head of zombie, located far from us, and head shot it the animation ends with the words "don't mess with a Canadian eh"  [easter egg for the new record of sniper kill made by Canadian] 



Sorry for my language its not my native... 

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