From Mexico City to Harran: Suggestions for new content

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The following content is purely artistic and for entertainment. Nothing that is presented below seeks to generate any kind of benefits.
 All content linked to "Dying Light" belongs to the developers, Techland, and its publishers, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.


From Mexico City to Harran: Ideas from a survivor
Suggestions for new in-game content


…. Establishing connection….

…. Searching on all channels….

…. Signal received….

…. Starting transmission….


To all runners and survivors in Harran and the countryside, recieve a big warm greeting from Mexico City.

Let me introduce myself, I am Pedro17_ro, student and big fan of the zombie genre, especially of this heavenly game called Dying Light.

In all this time running between streets and skipping roofs, I've been thinking about how to contribute with some crazy idea that can improve this amazing videogame.

So, after killing a good number of zombies, I realized that, despite how fun it is to camouflage yourself with zombie guts or doing acrobatics with the buggy, it was missing something that represented my country: Mexico.

Do not get me wrong, the game is amazing and I have no complaints about it, but I'd like to make a suggestion about new content that can be included in the game.

But before I start, I want to thank you again for making one of the best zombie games (And that includes the original Dead Island)


Let’s get started…


So, I was thinking about how to create a design that was according to the game and that at the same time, was a small tribute to my country: Mexico

That's when I thought of the "National Outfits." They include many countries but unfortunately Mexico is not; for that reason I decided to design it myself.

That was when the challenge began:


How to design a shirt that would represent a country like Mexico?

Our flag is similar to the one of Italy only by the colors, because the eagle and the snake is OUR symbol, our identity and everything we aspire to be as a nation.


How to include our national symbol on the shirt?

The eagle represents the Mexican people and the snake symbolizes the enemies of the nation, so it was clear that both should appear.

Another important element of our emblem are the branches of laurel and holm oak, where one represents the victory and the other the sacrifice and the ribbon that unites them symbolizes the union as a nation.

For my design, I take these four elements and put them together in one to create a shirt that would represent the Mexican spirit.



In the neck, we can find the laurel, the holm oak and the ribbon. The eagle and the snake are in the chest and in the arms we can find a prehispanic design to represent our past.


But that was not the only design...


If I had already got there I wanted to keep trying, that's when I decided to travel more in time to our pre-Hispanic past.

The history of the great cultures of Mesoamerica are of great appeal, not only for the people of Mexico, but for the rest of the world.

It was there when I decided to create an attire that honors one of the most known civilizations in Mexico: The Aztecs

Within the entire Aztec culture, the Cuauhpipiltin, better known as the Eagle Warriors were part of the military elite of the Aztec Empire. Any person, even the "macehuales" (The lowest caste of the empire) could serve in their ranks, as long as they were worthy and fulfilled the rite of passage.

Fast, brave and fearless, the eagle warriors (Together with the Jaguar Warriors) made the Aztec Empire one of the most powerful civilizations of its time



In the hope of accompanying the Sun on their journey through the sky, they did not fear death, thus becoming fearsome warriors.



But every warrior deserves his own deadly weapon...


The Aztec militia had a terrible weapon: The Macuahuitl.

A weapon that could be handled with one or two hands, the Macuahuitl was a powerful weapon. Made of wood with obsidian stone, it was sharper than any metal.

Capable of decapitating a horse, the macuahuitl sowed terror among the troops of the conquerors. In the chronicles of the conquistadors there are records of the destructive power of this weapon, for that reason, I make a modern version of this Aztec weapon.



Just imagine Kyle using this weapon against the undead ... They would have no chance against him!



But ... How to include all this in the game?


I know that Harran is based in Turkey and that making something so Mexican get there sounds complicated, but I thought of certain details that could make all these designs have a sense:


"After the virus spread through Harran, a small group of Latino survivors grouped together to form a safe zone (either within Harran or in the countryside)"


All this content could be included in a single safe zone:

-Kyle could get to that area and help survivors on side quests and get these designs. 

-The Macauhuitl could be a weapon like the Korek Machete: The planes are obtained and can be generated again and again


The safe zone could be like the design I show below:




For example:

-To get the National Outfit, the mission could be for Kyle to search the region for photographs so that the inhabitants of the safe area build an altar to honor the dead like our celebration of the Day of the Dead




-The Eagle Warrior Outfit could  be obtained by completing several challenges that prove Crane's speed, endurance and strength.


-To obtain the Macuahuitl, the mission could cover the following:

In the region, near the safe area, there could be certain ancient ruins that became a volatile nest. (The ruins would not necessarily have to be pre-hispanic)

To increase the difficulty, the mission could only be done during the night: Crane can go to investigate and discover that before being occupied by volatiles, the ruins were a store of Rais men.

After a complicated fight where Crane could fight against a giant Volatil, simulating the sacrifices that realized the Aztecs, could take the Volatil's hearth and place it in an altar, which would generate the blueprints



Before becoming a nest, the ruins could have been used as a Rais store



Being a warehouse, boxes can be put inside the ruins to obtain improvements of arms and supplies




As a final design, one of the things I liked most about Dying Light are the graffiti that appear in the city.

All of them are excellent, so it occurred to me to design a mural that symbolized the union between Mexico and Harran, so I took the Eagle and the Snake of our National Flag, and the Lion, which appears on the coat of arms of Harran.



Both emblems became the following design:



The Lion, the Eagle and the Snake against the Volatile Horde



And we arrived at the end of the transmission, I hope all those who have come here are satisfied with the results.

It is worth dreaming that some of these designs come to the game, but, for myself, I feel satisfied to have shared with all of you, survivors of Harran, these ideas.


¡Gracias a todos!





Thank you all and remember.... "Good Night and Good Luck"


... End of tranmission...


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