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What's the Venom Gland for?

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I've seen that lots of us have managed to pick up the Venom Gland in the game, and there's no quest or blueprint associated with it. Was this a sidequest that was removed?


(Not the Bolter Liver from the Following, the Hunter Gland from night invasions, and not a Goon's "Putrescent Liver", Bomber's Kidney, or a Bolter's Tissue, for Dahlia's sidequests).

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After thinking about this a bit more, I seem to remember getting my Venom Gland from a Toad, about the same time as starting the Goon Liver Dahlia sidequest.

So my total guess for why the Venom Gland exists in the game, is at one point in the game development, Dahlia had 5 potions that went in rank, Cave Mushrooms, Toad Venom Gland, Goon Liver, Bomber Kidney, and finally Bolter Brain, (Tissue). Then the game designers decided to remove one, and the Toad Venom Gland potion was removed.

To be clear, this only my guess, and I have no real evidence to support it, besides the timing. To really test this someone would probably need to farm Toads from the beginning of the game, and find out exactly when the Venom Gland is harvestable.

Anyway, I'd love to be able to ask someone from the Dying Light team this question..

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