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Ok since Pete mentioned something about changing Toxic and Sense Supressor spits and Uv Heal to become more viable (i very rarely use them tbh except uv heal ofc) is this:

Toxic Spit change name to Plague Spit

Instead of Exploding in a puddle it could be done like this:

Sticks to survivor or objects then after a delay explodes in a gas type of formation and infects any survivors that pass through, the humans can transmit "disease" to others which deals same damage as Toxic spit.

If it sticks to human after a delay its "ready" to spread to other humans and deals damage ofc


Sense Supressor:

Instead of removing the Surv Sense why not blind and mute the sounds? Because most of the players play without a hud?

Uv Heal:

There are multiple options:

1. Use 1 Uv Block point: (HOLD)

- Heals over time but allows you to move and attack over like 5-10 seconds rapid healing

2. Use 2 Uv Block Point: (TAP)

- Adds uv block over 5-10 secs after healing

3. Use old Uv Heal

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