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On 12.06.2017 at 7:19 PM, Pete Donnelly said:

"Instant tackles" like the video above are not intended and GP-Spit was intended to work as the upgraded version.  The Hunter got some buffs to help him play without these as we will be looking to remove them as soon as possible :)

The GP spit as it was on Knockback B was not bad, i liked how it is not 100% guaranteed to hit as oppose to not upgraded GP (spits were often shot above the player). The variability of the surface made GP+spit on knockback B sometimes even more challenging because human was shoved further, weak GP made him stay near hunter making an easy stick. there is something similar with weak tackle, if you spit after, it will land near human making it harder for human to escape it's range (since the time to spit burst is already counted) if hunter decide to lock him with another tackle.

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