Dying light ps4 Gold weapon Trade

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Hello All I know not much of a topic but looking to keep game exciting I have 30 + gold weapons plus others looking to get something different other Than what I have .Will compensate with gold weapons or anything that I have that will motivate a Trade  just message me ps info and I will join your game  or vice versa. Thanks

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Weapons I'm looking for are as follows Gold weapons

1)Heavy tribal axe that glows blue 

2)Smack Hammer

3)Tribal blade

4)Rune Hammer 

Keep in mind legend and survivor maxed

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0. Magical Wallet

1.Custom love spells for love problems.

2. Love spells

3. Commitment spells

4. Attraction spells

5. Soul mate spells

6. Marriage spells

7. Have lover to want you only spells

8. Stop cheating spells

9. Fidelity spells

10. Pregnancy spells

11. Healing spells

12. Bad energy, hex removal spells

13. Lucky spells

14. Job spells

15. Success spells

16. Divorce spells

17. Custom spiritual energy spells

18. Protection Spells

19. Money Spells

20. Happiness spells

21. Brake up spell

22. Miracle spells

23. Family spells

24. Come back to me spell

25. Forgive me spell.magic wallet,Lady Traditional healer

Contact : 
00229 67715702
Email : Spiritualmaster12000@gmail.com

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