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*Important Devs take a look at Fan-found Bug list*

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I want to say that I did not make this list a bunch of people on the steam forums contributed this list and it was started by *evil* (steam user name) here's the link.

some these are fixed some are not. and some are not listed at all on this list. this is no way a complete bug list but it does compile a significant amount just wanted the devs or techs to take a look at this.

List of Current Bugs. Post Your Bugs Here.
If you have experienced any bugs that aren’t listed here, feel free to post them in this topic. It is unlikely that I will update the main post unless a major patch is released. 
If you are reporting a bug, keep it simple & specific; do not post a wall of text! (e.g., “X quest” is bugged. “X NPC" no longer has a prompt to interact.)
If a bug is fixed by a patch and I do not cross it out, please let me know.
If you upload a screenshot please use steam or imgur
Do NOT add me to report your bugs! I am not a dev, I do not work for Techland, nor do I have any contact with them. I will not accept your friend request. Please post them here!
Hardware & Performance Issues
Poor performance on most AMD GPUs and CPUs (AMD GPU+Intel CPU/AMD GPU+AMD CPU/Nvidia GPU+AMD CPU) - Performance has been improved in Patch 1.5.0 (Patch 1.5.1 has decreased performance slightly)
Poor performance on some Nvidia and Intel setups - Performance has been improved in Patch 1.5.0 (Patch 1.5.1 has decreased performance slightly)
Flickering textures when using Crossfire. (Fixed by driver update. Still occurs on Windows 10)
Submit a support ticket directly to Techland:
Originally posted by Modlin_Techland:
If you have an issue that might be related to hardware/software setup (stuttering, below-expectations performance) our tech support could use more data - go to our support page [] and submit a ticket with the data requested (DXDiag, game logs). Those do help us a lot!
Constant Stuttering - Discussion (More players have reported this issue after patch 1.10.0. Most of them had not experienced it prior to this patch.)
FPS drops when you are hit by a Toad's spit attack, grabbed by a zombie, or when a slow-mo kill is triggered. (This seems to be caused by Nvidia DOF)
Patch 1.10.0 has brought back performance issues for some users. (Unsure if this is an AMD, Nvidia, Windows, or Linux issue) Please post your specs if you are having performance problems after The Following Patch. (1.10.0)
Game Breaking Bugs
Unable to reach Survivor Rank 25; quests and air drops no longer give EXP at rank 24. (However you no longer loose EXP on death and you can now purchase lvl 25 weapons from stores) - Fixed by Patch 1.4.0 (Some players are still reporting they cannot reach rank 25)
Use key (F) sometimes stops working, making it impossible to pick up items or turn in quests. Killing yourself or exiting to main menu and resuming the game seems to fix this. - Seems to be fixed in Patch 1.5.0
Repair key (R) sometimes stops working. (You can still repair your weapon if you go into your inventory.) - Seems to be fixed in Patch 1.5.0
CTD on Start-up - Cannot initialize renderer - Fixed by Patch 1.5.0?
Freezing and CTD after playing for a while - Fixed by Patch 1.5.0?
Hard Lock ups, requiring user to reboot their PC - Fixed by Patch 1.5.0?
BSOD - Fixed by Patch 1.5.0?
After patch 1.3.0 some players are experiencing extremely long load times. - Fixed by Patch 1.4.0 
Save file is deleted if you play the game in offline mode. - Fixed by Steam client update 
Audio and video hangs during cutscenes. - Fixed by Patch 1.5.0?
Some players are unable to accept challenges or automatically track quests after patch 1.4.0. - Fixed by Patch 1.5.0?
Falling through level geometry.
Save File Corruption
CTD - ResizeBuffers failed 0x887a0005 - (This was supposed to be fixed by Patch 1.4.0 but users are still reporting this error) - Discussion
After patch 1.5.0 several users have reported that NPCs, zombies, and other objects are not being rendered. They are still intractable but they cannot see them. (This issue occurs while using the Dev tools and playing Workshop content as well) 
Possible Fix - Update Intel HD Graphic Driver:
Changing platform from Windows to SteamOS/Linux can break your save file.
Several players have reported getting VAC banned for no reason.
After patch 1.10.0 you lose an extreme amount of EXP when dying. The amount seems completely random. I have lost as much as 350,000 from one death while other deaths have only caused me to lose 3-5000. This makes leveling up impossible if you ever die. (This occurred while playing the campaign on Hard NG+)
Linux Bugs
Game does not work past the main menu on Linux if you’re using an AMD GPU. - Fixed by Patch 1.5.0
It is impossible to secure safe zones on Linux. Killing the zombies, turning the power on, and closing the gate doesn't do anything. - Discussion - Fixed by Patch 1.3.0
Sound distortion while loading or in menu.
Radial blur is stronger than normal. - Fixed by Patch 1.3.0
SSAO is not working. - Option Disabled by Patch 1.5.0 & Fixed by Patch 1.6.0 
SMAA causes noticeable ghosting while moving. - Option Disabled by Patch 1.5.0 & Fixed by Patch 1.6.0 
Game won't launch on archlinux64 - More Info[]
Poor OpenGL performance - Fixed by Patch 1.6.0
Audio problems on Ubuntu 14.04. Audio (music predominantly) skips and pops. Audio out of sync during conversations.
Linux Fedora Issue: When the game is installed on a XFS partition you will get the following error; "Please make sure that global_*.mp files are present in Assets chupacabra (platform specific) folder or in build Data folder." Temp Solution; Install the game on an EXT4 partition.
After patch 1.4.0 game doesn't start when using primusrun - Discussion - Fixed by Patch 1.5.0
After patch 1.5.0 upon completing the first mission you are told to go change clothes but there are no outfits in the stash. This makes it impossible to exit the stash because the game keeps displaying the prompt "Before leaving, you should change your clothes." (Issue reported by user running Ubuntu 14.10 x64, NVIDIA GPU, Intel CPU.)
Mouse cursor moves faster vertically than horizontally (in the menu and in-game)
1.5.0 issue - French Audio option is bugged. In-game speech is in English instead of French (The intro and subtitles are still in French)
Certain video options are not changed until the game is restarted.
Game crashes when trying to bind accented (non-ascii) keys in the options (French keyboard)
CTD after playing for extended amount of time. (Possible memory leak)
Browsing leaderboards in Linux causes the game to crash
Audio distortion on Linux Mint
Co-op Bugs
Characters de-sync and freeze in place. De-synced players have to leave and rejoin session to fix this issue. - Fixed by Patch 1.3.0?
CTD in certain locations when playing Co-op. (Crashes do not occur in these locations when playing single player) - Fixed by Patch 1.3.0?
If a player, who has not finished the game yet, joins a player who is playing Game+. They will sometimes spawn at the top of Rais Headquarters after dropping out.
Doors in various side missions are sometimes not opened for anyone other than the host, preventing them from progressing.
When teleporting to a mission in Co-op you are not always teleported to your teammates. (You may be teleported to a waypoint someone has placed on the map instead.)
Zip line sound effect will continuously loop if you teleport to another player while using one. (Using the zip line again seems to fix it) 
When joining a co-op game user is invisible to other players in the party. (The player’s name will still be shown in game if you press Esc)
Flashlight key can sometimes stop working if you join someone's game while a zombie invasion is in progress.
Some players have reported not being able to join co-op sessions after patch 1.10.0.
Achievement Bugs
1.5.0 UPDATE! (The 1.5.0 update seems to have reset the progress of any unfinished acheivements on your profile. This may cause them to get stuck)
The Whole Story Achievement is bugged; it gets stuck at 43/44. - Fixed by Patch 1.4.0 (Check your Personal Statistics menu for what missions you are missing!)
The Following Achievements can sometimes get stuck: - Fixed by Patch 1.4.0? (Some of these achievements are broken/stuck if you did not complete them before patch 1.5.0)
Trespassing - Fixed by Patch 1.6.0? 
Now It's Safe - Fixed by Patch 1.6.0? 
I'm a Runner and a fighter - Fixed by Patch 1.6.0? 
Lucky 7 - Fixed by Patch 1.6.0? 
Harran Athletics - Fixed by Patch 1.6.0? 
All In the Writing - Fixed by Patch 1.6.0? 
Homo Homini Lupus Est - Fixed by Patch 1.6.0? 
Electrified! - Fixed by Patch 1.6.0? 
Enlightened! - Fixed by Patch 1.6.0? 
The Boy Who Could Run
These Achievements are still broken for some players after Patch 1.6.0!
Quest & Challenge Bugs
Waypoint for the quest “The house with the red smoke pouring out of it” is never removed from the map. - Fixed by Patch 1.5.0
The Poster challenges in Old Town are bugged some challenges are not being displayed on the map. - This appears to be the missing challenge[]
Certain challenges use items from the player’s inventory. (Example: When attempting a challenge that involves shooting a gun, the ammo is removed from the player’s inventory.) - Fixed by Patch 1.4.0 
Problem obtaining Rais's gun during "The Shadow of the King" Quest. Gun is not added to inventory after picking it up. (Gun can still be picked up if inventory is full causing it to disappear)
After completing arena level your inventory may not be restored to its original state. This can cause players to lose items in their inventory. - This was changed in Patch 1.5.0 (Please let me know if you experience any issues)
After completing museum level your inventory is not restored to its original state. This can cause players to lose items in their inventory. - This was changed in Patch 1.5.0 (Please let me know if you experience any issues)
The quest "Total Security" can become bugged. (If you get the radio before pressing the 3 buttons it will get stuck.)
The “Kidney Punch” quest can become bugged. After giving Dahila the Bomber Kidney the counter will sometimes reset to 0/1. The map markers for the bombers locations are also removed from the map.
All of Dahila's Quest's can be broken if you wait to drink any of the potions she gives you until you are in the Old Town.
”Run For Your Life” Mission 4 can become bugged. The prompt to talk to Bajram will disappear, making it impossible to continue.
“Family Doctor” can become bugged. John can disappear from the rooftop.
Some players are unable to complete ANY quarantine zones in Sector: 0. If you enter one of these zones, the mission briefing will quickly pop up and close on its own. The zone will be marked as complete while inside the area but as soon as you leave it will reset and be marked as uncompleted.
Graphical Bugs
Black borders during cutscenes when using 21:9 resolution.
Originally posted by Modlin_Techland:
The black borders on cutscenes are related to non-standard FOV and resolution settings, and have to stay there. It's a classic case of 'it's a feature, not a bug'.
HUD is incorrectly displayed when using 21:9 resolutions.
Extremely low resolution textures on certain objects regardless of texture quality settings. - Fixed by Patch 1.4.0 
Game randomly switches to windowed mode on start up.
Game does not always choose the highest available refresh rate.
Black screen when using full screen. (Issue doesn't occur when playing in windowed. Seems to be related to refresh rate being set incorrectly.)
Triple Buffering is not enabled when using vsync.
Rain effects are rendered inside the tower
Audio Bugs
Timed radio conversations will be played overtop your current conversation if triggered at the same time.
Certain sound effects play in stereo instead of surround sound.
In-game audio sometimes stops working when using a Bluetooth Headset.
In-game audio is noticeably lower than the audio on the menu & loading screens.
Disabling voice chat in multiplayer does not actually mute your mic. If other players do not have it disabled, they can always hear you. If you have voice chat disabled it should actually mute your mic.
Misc Bugs
If you a press 1 while typing in text chat you will switch weapons. (Other binds may be triggered as well) - Fixed by Patch 1.4.0 
Personal Statistics menu is broken. It does not track all things properly, or at all, like completed Safe & Quarantine Zones. - Fixed by Patch 1.4.0 
Starting a Co-op challenge with "H" also uses a Medkit because it uses the same key by default.
Tracking a quest with “T” also turns on your flashlight because it uses the same key by default. 
Highway collapses without doing any quests - Discussion
Typo in mod menu - Image[] - Fixed by Patch 1.10.0
Zombies sometimes fall through the floor inside buildings. (Ones that require a loading screen to enter.) 
The Ammo count for all guns is displayed incorrectly when searching bodies, containers, or swimming underwater. - Fixed by Patch 1.10.0
Grappling hook crosshair is shown when using iron sights. - Fixed by Patch 1.10.0
When lock picking, it is sometimes impossible to move your mouse all the way to the left or right. You have to exit the lock picking screen and pick the lock again to fix this. - Fixed?
Crafting bug - You will always craft the item under your mouse cursor even if it is not highlighted. (This occurs when using "Enter" to craft items) - Fixed by Patch 1.10.0
Beating the game on NG+ Hard Mode will not unlock the extra outfit(s) (Trick-or-Treater and Zombie Wannabe) (This only occurs if you started NG+ before they were patched into the game. Restart your game and complete the story from beginning to end to unlock them.)
After Patch 1.6.0 your grappling hook’s crosshair always appears off-center when looking at a grapple-able object. - Fixed by Patch 1.10.0
If you pick up an item (Tap F) while standing your character will always perform a very fast crouch. If the item is below arm level you will perform a normal crouch as well. (This does not occur if you are already crouching) - YouTube Link - Fixed by Patch 1.10.0
After patch 1.5.0 zombies sometime spawn right next to you. - Fixed?
After patch 1.5.0 zombies can sometimes change their appearance in front of you. (The zombie model will turn into a completely different one) - Fixed?
After patch 1.5.0 zombies will randomly disappear in front of you. (Sometimes they reappear a few feet away or they are completely removed.)
When using the grappling hook, the wire animation will sometimes glitch and appear to be attached to nothing instead of the surface you grappled to.
If you switch to another (damaged) weapon while repairing, you will repair that one instead of the one you were originally holding.
Propane tank models do not despawn if they explode on contact when thrown at an enemy.
When moving items from your storage to your inventory or vice versa, the scroll bar is automatically scrolled to its default position. This makes it very tedious to find and move specific items. (This issue occurs in shop menus as well)
If you heal a teammate with Bozak’s Bow equipped, you will use 3 med kits instead of 1.
Hitting water degrades your weapon’s durability. (Bug or intentional?)
The “Lucky repair” skill seems to no longer work after 1.10.0.
After patch 1.10.0, zombies will sometimes still attack you after using the “Camouflage” ability. (This may be caused by using another zombie’s body to camouflage yourself before the initial effects of the first zombie wears off)
When selecting items in your inventory or at shops you will always select what is under your mouse cursor (When pressing Enter) even if it is not highlighted. (This is the same bug that was fixed for crafting in 1.10.0; it appears that it still exists for all other menus)
Car parts sometimes fall through level geometry when dropped on the ground.
After patch 1.10.0, molotovs and other fire based weapons seem to be bugged or do VERY little damage to enemies even on normal.
The Steam controller does not work. When trying to enter a controller configuration users will receive the following error: “Configuration failure. We are unable to load your configuration at this time. Please try again later."
Vendors don't sell SMG ammo or Crossbow bolts in the Main game.
Be-the-Zombie Mode
Infinite Spit exploit in Be the Zombie Mode. - Fixed by Patch 1.4.0
Unable to connect to games when playing as a zombie. - Fixed by Patch 1.4.0 
Shields in PvP can block spit. If the player is stuck they can block and the spit will automatically be removed.
Some players have reported their PvP survivor rank reset to level 1 after completing final mission (The main story) on hard mode.
You are still able to duplicate weapons in patch 1.5.0 using a glitch with the grappling hook. - Fixed by Patch 1.5.1
Requested Menu Option Improvements
Borderless Windowed Mode
Option to select Refresh Rate when choosing Resolution
Option to disable Film Grain - Added in Patch 1.4.0
Option to FULLY disable Motion Blur (Motion Blur effect is still shown while running when motion blur setting is off)
Option to disable Chromatic Aberration - Added in Patch 1.11.1
Option to disable X-Ray
Option to disable Slow-mo
Option to disable EXP Bars (or automatically disable them after reaching max level) - EXP Bars are disabled after reaching max level in Patch 1.10.0
Option to disable Mini-map
Option to disable Objective Reminders
Full Audio Options (Ability to select 2.0, 5.1, or 7.1 and audio device)
Ability to remap buttons when using a controller.
The Bozak Horde DLC
Game Breaking Bugs
The Demolisher(s) on the final mission seem to be bugged when playing NG+ & NG+ Hard. This makes them extremely hard to kill solo and basically impossible in Co-Op. It appears you can ONLY kill them with explosive tanks and environmental damage (oil barrels & and electrical boxes). It takes around 200 hits with the melee weapons you are provided to get them weak enough to kill with explosives. 
After dying your items are not reset/saved. The last challenge with the Demolisher(s) is basically impossible if u fail more than once because you WILL NOT have enough weapons/ammo to kill them. There needs to be a checkpoint system in place, which resets your inventory, at least for this challenge.
Misc Bugs
You do not always start Bozak's Horde with 100% HP
It is sometimes impossible to redeem The Bozak Horde dockets from the quartermaster. (The docket just flashes in the quartermaster's inventory and does not redeem)
Bows seem to have some sort of soft auto aim. Arrows will not always hit an enemy where you are aiming. This needs to be disabled.
Electric arrows will arc to you if you are standing too close (Bug or intentional?)
Fire arrows do not set enemies on fire most of the time. When they actually do, they seem to do very little or no damage at all.
Achievement Bugs
Completing the achievements “Together Till the End & Things That Go Ka-Boom” will not always unlock the blueprints for Explosive & Electric arrows.
The Following Achievements can sometimes get stuck:
Robin Hood Theory
Together Till the End
Things That Go Ka-Boom
The Following DLC
Game Breaking Bugs
Several players have reported their game will not load (infinite loading screen) or crashes on load. (Some of these crashes may be related to the Windows/Linux save bug others are not.) - Fixed by patch 1.10.1? (Some players are still experiencing these issues!)
Some users have reported not being able to drive their buggies. When they enter their buggy they receive an “Unknown key” prompt. Re-binding or setting keys to default does not help.
Quest Bugs
“The Fate of the Fool” quest can become bugged while playing Co-op. If anyone in the game has already completed the quest, the note on the door will not appear. You can still find Attila’s body but the door to his study will not open, making it impossible to retrieve the book for the quest.
If you clear the volatile hive linked to the side quest “Down the Rabbit Hole” before picking it up off the mission board, that quest will always show a “!” on the mini map but will be impossible to retrieve.
Some users have reported a crash that occurs when approaching the Granary. This crash only occurs when the mission "At the End of the Tunnel” is active.
Misc Bugs
The radial ammo menu for the crossbow is bugged. R will always open the menu, even if the reload/repair key is bound to another key. This does not happen when using the normal bow.
Car parts can randomly degrade to 0% for no reason. If this occurs they cannot be repaired until you restart your game. 
Repairing a car part can sometimes consume one of the part’s repairs without fixing its condition. If this occurs you must restart your game or you will waste all of your repairs. (This bug can happen on its own or alongside the previous bug listed)
Virals constantly spawn even if no loud noises occur. When using guns several waves of them continue to spawn after you stop shooting. This is VERY annoying. The amount of Virals spawned needs to toned down.
After leaving a multiplayer session you are ALWAYS spawned at the beginning checkpoint of the DLC (inside the cave). This checkpoint should be changed to the first safe house.
Linux Bugs
Some players have reported textures issues similar to the ones fixed by patch 1.4.0 More Info here[] - Fixed by patch 1.10.1
Post History
Updated main post to reflect changes in patch 1.6.0. (Linux Bug fixes, Acheivement fixes)
Added new bug section for The Bozak Horde DLC along with a few bug reports.
Added Propane tank, Grappling hook crosshair, Storage scrollbar, & Looting fast crouch bugs to Misc section.
Noted most achievements are still bugged.
Updated Trick-or-Treater and Zombie Wannabe Outfit unlock issue.
Added Windows/Linux save file bug & VAC ban issues to Game Breaking Section.
Added PvP shield & PvP rank reset bugs to Be the Zombie Section.
Added Audio distortion & Leaderboard issues to Linux Section.
Added The Boy Who Could Run unlock issue to Achievement Section.
Added Bozak’s Bow Med kit & Weapon durability issues to Misc Section.
Added Together Till the End & Things That Go Ka-Boom achievement issues to Bozak Horde Section.
Added new bug section for The Following DLC along with a few bug reports.
Crossed off numerous bug fixes from patch 1.10.0. (Most of these can be found in the Misc Bugs Section)
Moved all of the remaining bugs to the bottom of the list in the Misc Section.
Updated/Added new performance and FPS drop issues to Hardware & Performance Section.
Added The Fate of the Fool quest bug to the Following DLC Section.
Added Car repair bugs to the Following DLC Section.
Added Buggy driving control issue to the Following DLC Section.
Added always on voice chat issue to Audio Section.
Added “Run For Your Life” & “Family Doctor” quest bugs to Quest & Challenge Section.
Updated Stuttering issue in Hardware & Performance Section. 
Added extreme EXP loss issue to Game Breaking Section.
Added Lucky repair skill, Camouflage ability, Inventory selection, Car parts collision, & Fire damage issues to Misc Section.
Added Bow & arrow issues to Bozak Horde Section.
Added Annoying Viral spawning issue to Following DLC Section.
Crossed off bugs fixed by patch 1.10.1 (Infinite loading/crash & Linux texture issues)
Added “Down the Rabbit Hole” quest and Beginning checkpoint bugs to the Following DLC Section.
Added Flashlight & unable to join co-op session bugs to Co-op Section.
Added Sector: 0 quarantine zone issues to Quest & Challenge Section.
Added “At the End of the Tunnel” crash to the Following DLC Section.
Added Steam controller issue to Misc Section.
Added Missing ammo bug to Misc Section.
Noted Infinite loading/crash issue isn't resolved for all users.

*I'm gonna add one bug. the one with the bozak horde resetting your inventory to your stash every time a interruption such as sleeping, dying, respawning, restarting at checkpoint, loading new area, starting new game or new game plus, changing difficulty, etc etc.*


I hope you takes this into consideration. and thanks guys and gals of steam for compiling such a awesome list.

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