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About Quarantine Zones / Challenges

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Hey, so I found out that you can farm XP from the quarantines that have Disaster Onsite Relief Packages on them.

On that topic, I have some questions:

1. Am I correct when I say all you need to do is get in the quarantine, get the packages, leave, drop them for the quartermaster, come back, and repeat? or do I need to quit the game for it to work?
2. Presumably it seems like the quarantine zones respawn after you've cleared them, so you can repeat # 1 forever, is that correct?

5. Do challenges (killing and running around the city) work the same? so I can just repeat them forever?
4. Would that be cheating? or is it patched now? or just an easy way of getting XP?
5. If all that I said was correct: I just tested on sunnys apartments - cleared the zone, left, got the XP, but as soon as I came back to the slums the zone disappeared! Do I need to like wait a game day for it to respawn or that XP farming method only works on uncleared zones/stuffed turtle?

Thank you!!

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1: Yes you are correct as all you need to do is just get all the packages in the Quarantine and leave. Quarantines can be repeated over and over indefinitely so you can literally farm for Legend points for quite a while. No you have to quit the game, just leave the building after you got all the packages and re-enter, and you don't have to turn them into the Quartermaster until you feel like it.

2: Like I said above Quarantines can repeated indefinitely just leave when you finish and go back in.

3:There some challenges, such as the parkour ones that can be repeated over and over, while some are just completed a few times from NPCs. Though this is not a good way to farm points in my opinion.

4:Its not cheating its just tedious farming for EXP.

5:Once more Quarantines are indefinite so leave when finished and go back in on any Quarantine. I don't know if you are on console or PC as Quarantines don't just disappear so I don't know if there some differences in other versions of the game.

Hoped this answered your questions.

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