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Infinity Motolov Need Fix :(

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Mod (Pete or other mod), please see 3 video in this topic and say Techland fix Motolovs (damage, limited, only 1 Motolov-like Flares, no-blind eyes Hunter so much...).

1. Humans spam Super Molotovs (or Molotovs) and flares, it's too shine, Hunter can't see anyone, and take 15hp/1 hit.


2. Molotovs can burn Hunter Health, although fire was end


3. It's have more damage but don't limited, you can see that in video 1, 2 and 3, and Human don't take damage so much.

More player use motolovs like a "dirty tactical" to block all way of Hunter, they spam it in Rooftop, eaves, cliffs, around... Hunter can't move around Human because it will hit Hunter lost 30-40% HP (or more), if Hunter don't near they, they will use bow, crossbow, gun... for attack. And kill nest so easy with Super Motolovs + Arrow (Emtrix was show it).  :angry: 
Hunter can use super speed for fly or move around Human, but it need touch in earth, and Motolovs + Flares everywhere; or left 40~60% HP and fight with Human, after that die with 1-2 hit? (or die with 1~2 hit bolt), with 2~4 player spam Motolovs, what can i do?  :( 
Now, Humans use 2~3 crossbow, it's so hard if you misstake a pounce, tackle... With spam motolovs, it is nightmare.

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Normal game.

BTW, what are you expecting? Techland didn't fix bugs and glitches from The Following (only some of them) in the whole 2016 (they claimed support to the end of 2016), why they should now?

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