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Call Of Juarez (First Of The Serie)

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Hello everyone.


My name is gabriel.


6 Days ago i bought Call Of Juarez (the first of the serie) because i loved this game when i played it (since 6 years ago) and i wanted to play it again. But the other reason couse i bought it was to play with a friend in the online server, creating a server on the game to play togheter.


But here comes the problem: i've created the server but my friend can't see it (we have bought the game on Steam).


It's almost 2 days that i'm searching for a solution, but i can't find any information online (i know this is an old game, but we love it and we wanted to play it).


So i came here to ask your help: is there any way to create a server on the first call of juarez? If there is, can you please explain it to me? We really want to create a server and enjoi this game that both of us loved and still love.


I apologize for my english but i'm an italian player, i tried to write as correct as possible.


I really hope you will understand me and i really hope that you will give me a solution (if there is a solution).






(aka Antax)

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