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In this BeTheZombieMod while as a zombi (lv20) cant kill a survivor with 3 groundpounds 3 tackles and 1 horde hıt and all this hit is done in like 45 seconds while he can one shot me this is ridicilous A niht hunter cant kill a human with all that but he can one shot you while he has unlimited flares and realy fast reloading uv light  while you have to wait for spits reload like a minute and its useles they can just avoid it by going somewhere high what a F... really you have to play like chupacabra masterpiece to win a game in that standards and its bullshit I dont have to play that chupacabra that long to achieve that I just wanna have fun



flares and med kits must be limited for this mod and the uv lights reload time must be reduced like %500 or more and they can get new limited flares and med kits when they destroy a nest other way this mod is garbage for zombie side and there can be 4 or 5 survivor with unlimited flares and uv lights and one shot capability its really ridicilous


sign:F.... your way of thinking and ideas for this mod

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