Why Is The Biggest Bug In The Developer Still Not Fixed?

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Hello Techland,


You make great games and it is very nice you gave us an editor to make maps ourselves, but I really wonder why you still have not fixed the biggest bug in the editor: NO PREVIEW OF MESHES!!! ALSO GENERATING PREVIEW OF MESHES DOES NOT WORK!!!! FIX THAT PROBLEM!!! I really can't believe you guys leave the editor with this problem. This really stops us from getting joy out of building maps if we can not even chupacabra see all the objects we can put in our map. I would say that is the first thing you would need if you give people an editor and expect them to build maps. Sorry if this sounds frustrating (and yes it is) but I can't believe you don't fix this problem so everybody can enjoy making maps for your great games. So thank you in advance for reading and hopefully you will fix this problem in your next update of the developer tools. And if you don't fix it don't bother giving us an editor with your next games!!!

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