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Quests And Phases Between Maps

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hey all


anybody know how to make quests and phases target other maps?


basically this is what i need to do (any help would be greatly appreciated!).

these are two different pxsl files, one for each map


Map 1

QuestsDefinitions -level=map_01
    -- As soon as the map starts it shows the quest description (objective). The objective should be marked as complete after the player enters map 2.
    quest Map1Quest1
        ,BLOCK _ -obj=<<pass through portal>>

Map 2

QuestsDefinitions -level=map_02

    -- this quest does stuff only in map2
    quest Map2Quest1 -parent=Map1Quest1
        ,BLOCK _ -obj=<<next objective as soon as the 'passing through the door' objective completes>>
            -- do stuff on map2
    -- this last quest does some stuff on map2 and some other stuff on map1. the final quest objective should appear on map1 and be completed in map1
    quest Map2Quest2 -final=true
        ,BLOCK _ -obj=<<this objective ends in map2>>
            -- do stuff on map2
        ,BLOCK _ -obj=<<this objective ends in map1>>
            -- do stuff on map1

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Make sure that you have two folders in your quest


One folder named as your first map and containing

The first map ´s pxsl script

And another folder named as your second map and containing the second map ´s pxsl quest script.


So your quest folder should contain;


And map2/map2.pxsl .


Now map1.pxsl code should be like:

QuestsDefinitions -level=map_01
    quest Map1Quest1 -final=false
        ,BLOCK _ -obj=<<pass through portal>>
            ,goto _ mapPortal Portal_to_SecondMap -distance=3
And map2.pxsl code like:

QuestsDefinitions -level=map_02

    quest Map2Quest1 -Leading_portal=map_portal_name_from_first_map -parent=Map1Quest1 -final=false
        ,BLOCK _ -obj=<<next objective>>
            ,take _ QuestInventoryItemDi puppet
    quest Map2Quest2 -final=true -parent=Map2Quest1
        ,BLOCK _ -obj=<<last chapter interactions>>
And if you want the player to get back to map 1 for doing someting,

You ´ll have to continue the code in map 1 with leading portal.


Ps, you can try without leading portal, maybe it works without it and just by parenting the next quest to the prevoius one...


But if you want the player to return to map 1, change the map2quest2 as -final=false

And use -final=true only for the very last quest the player

Need to do.

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i'll have to see if i can get it to work.




the Map2Quest2 is not correct


i need something like this

quest Map2Quest2 -final=true -parent=Map2Quest1
    ,BLOCK _ -obj=<<-----objective on map 2------->>
        ,take _ QuestInventoryItemDI puppet2
    ,BLOCK _ -obj=<<-----objective on map 1------->>
        ,take _ QuestInventoryItemDI puppet3

i can fake the quest being divided through the maps by adding a third quest (Map2Quest2Fake) with the same name, so it kinda looks like the same quest,

but there seems to be some problem, as the objective in the third quest doesn't activate, although the map reaches the end (?)



// Map2Quest2Fake has the same name as Map2Quest2, so it kinda looks like the same quest
quest Map2Quest2Fake -parent=Map2Quest2 -final=true
    ,BLOCK _ -obj=<<objective on map 1>>
        ,take _ QuestInventoryItemDI puppet3 -- this wont activate
        ,wait _ 5
// but the game reaches the credits

also faked it by adding a fourth quest with just a wait phase.




p.s by the way, everything is working without any -leadings

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