Decisions And Reactions In Movies

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Hello Dying Light community,

does someone know how to make a decision inside of a movie just like at the final of the following?
And, because this might be similar, how to make quick time events just like in the fight against rais?

Thanks and best regards,


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I know you can use à movieActionExecutor class box object to trigger live actions during the movie.

Add this box to movie actors and add some new filter

Keys called javaMethodKeys.

Now add some actions in the movieActionExecutor actions list.

Then type Execute in the javaMethodKeys settings.

Execute = first action in the movieActionExecutor actions list and Execute1 = second action Execute2...


Now to create actions, double click on action field and choose what you want.(there ´s a limited choice of actions).


Now for quick time events, i saw this somewhere,

Maybe inside physicalswitches trigger types or in some

Sensor or object class but can't remember where.

Let me know if you find it.

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