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Btz - Why This Mode Never Balance? (For Zb)

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Hello, i have some request for Be the Zombie mode, with a Human.

* A human have so much tricks for play. Ex:
- Use 1 flares in ground, and use UV light for burn energy, before Hunter attack.
-> It's balance. If it is Nightmare Mode (in Normal or Hard, human can spam 2~3 flares, and they repeat it so bored.

- Use Molotov around and 1 flares in ground, hunter blinded by the light, and human will use hook for DFA (Dead from Above).
-> Why human can spam infinite motolov? Why don't have limit for it? (like Flares), and with Hunter high lvl, it is nightmare, because hunter can't see and fire will burn so much HP, human just need wait for DFA to hunter. T_T
- With infinite flares, cloak poition, night hunter booster, speed... Human can easy to disable GP (ground pound) and Tackles.

- And cut scene when Hunter miss pounce, tackles... It's nightmare, because human can hit Hunter after that. More human with lag ping can slow motion it, and hunter will die after 2~3s but can't run.

-> Cut scene so disadvantage with Hunter

* More Human (3~4 player):

- Can support team, use UV light for burn energy Hunter before they move to combat. And in Normal mode, Hard mode, they spam UV light, UV flares, Health so much (exam: you atk a human left 30%HP, and this human hit you with some player, you left 30HP, if don't run, you will die, but if you run, that human will recovery health. Hunter can't closing a human with tackles, bomber or GP... because they don't die after that, and more human will hit u with gun, help team...)

-> Why don't neft times of UV Light and Flares? Human more careful when use UV and flares, not spam like now.

- Infinite Molotov don't balance, they have so much UV, flares and now, they spam Molotov. If Hunter combat with 1~2 human, 2 human left will use G.Hook for drop DFA to hunter. If hunter anti it, human with a little HP can recovery Health. And Molotov will blind Hunter with UV Flash Light, Flares...
- And Dropkick... It's so OP, i was play in more room with 3~4 player (not newbie), when i combat with player 1, player 2 wait for me delay by GP or Takles, and Dropkick after that, i can't move when cut scene and human can hit me with 80~90% HP (+ UV light).
- When miss Takle, camera will change to autoaim to Hunter body, and they use Gun, Crossbow for hit hunter (it's so OP).
- Human have so much weapons, one handle, two handle, short knife, crossbow, bow, more gun.... But Hunter have only 3 weapons: GP, Tackle and... claw. Hunter can't kill human with 2~3 hit but human can hit hunter so much, with crossbow or gun. And burn energy for hunter can't recovery HP or run.
- Spit can't shot exactly because human will use UV for burn energy or blind hunter. GP so hard with hunter, because with a well human, they can't move so fast (Nighthunter Booster, Hook). And Sense Spit is useless with 3~4 player.

- And they can kill Goon with 1 hit of Crossbow. Kill nest fast with trick "hit 1 hit to volatiles before use melee, have 100% stat" (A volatile nest lost 50% HP with 1 hit crossbow, and effect help all stat with it)

Please tweaking this mode, btz is a very fun pvp game mode, i like it so much, but it's don't balance.

- Fix "blind by light" of Hunter (lvl 3)
- Limit Molotov.
- Neft times of flares (Normal Mode, 3~4 player)
- Limit distance UV light with 3~4 player.

- Human can't use Camouflage in Co-op mode (3~4 player)
- Buff HP for Nest with 3~4 player.

- +1 toxic spit and sense spit with 3~4 player.
- Neft damage dropkick (like tackles of Human), no damage with 4 player, fast cut scene.

- UV light (3~4 player) can't burn energy fast like 1~2 player.

- Neft Damage Crossbow, bow.

Sorry, my English so bad.
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Some good points there, but i would say the fixes u mentioned would not make it as balanced or interesting.


Humans get advantage though more POV's and chance on revives. Hunter can't turn it's head back or heal his nests..


Survivors have much more attack power, bigger arsenal and are solid as a rock.


Hunters only advantage is speed however once the humans have unlimited stamina the tables turn.


Being able to slash and dodge in any direction is whack for close combat and spits that are easy to be seen while charging and aiming.


If they wont fix the grapple air dodge exploit then i doubt they will do anything about nerfing a survivor. You see how many came here to whine about flare nerf but no one but me mentioned the implications of object/wall nerf?


If anyone even knows what that is..


Another game changer few mention.


Nice rant tho.

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I see human now spam Dropkick and use Crossbow so much.
- Human now spam G.hook for DFA. Techland did fix it in before version (Zombie can tackle when human DFA), but with co-op room, have 2~3 human drop to Hunter, Hunter can't Tackle all, and UV Light blind Hunter so much. I see more team use Camouflage for it.

- And Pro Human don't leave team and don't attack nest alone, they have 3~4 UV and always use UV before Hunter attack. Hunter worked hard for hit a human, but they can drop kick to Hunter so easy, and Recovery Heath team so fast.

- Speed is the best of Hunter, but Hunter can't kill Human with 2-3 claw. If Hunter used claw so much, human will kill him too easy. If Hunter used GP (don't miss), have a cut scene with Hunter and Hunter can't move => Human spam Dropkick, injured Human can recovery heath or run, atk. UV spit can't block all, and they will support team.

- And Tackles now so easy for evade, if Hunter miss it, 3~4 hit will kill Hunter (with 2 handle weapons), left 10~15HP (or die), and gun with Crossbow, bow will spam.

- Cut scene so much: Tackle, GP, Spikes, Human die... and why Human don't slow motion when cut scene with hunter? (like Killing Floor). In 1v1, it's balance but 2~4 human, they can run fast (Night Hunter Booster) and spam hit to hunter.

I hope they can neft Dropkick no damage in co-op mode, and cut scene don't kill Hunter so fast like now. :(

Edited by herotina

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Yes I think you are right . But I doubt they will do anything about it this late in the games life cycle. I think I heard something about a dying light 2 game. The best we can hope for is that they bring back the "be the zombie" in the second game but balance it better. Personally I F****ing hate the drop attack. I hate how survivors exploit it especially when they use the grapple hook with it. The hunter should be immune to drop attacks completely just like most other "high level" zombies think Goon, Demolisher , volatile etc.


The drop kick should be blockable just like the hunters tackle. The survivor sense should not show where the hunter is and survivors should rely on hearing the hunters howl to locate it. I love how awhile ago they responded to the complaints by giving us a buff full of useless bullshit.   The sense blocking spit that the hunter uses is freaking useless. The only good thing about it is that it lasts a long time if you manage to land it. The UV heal is just insulting in how useless it is. It's almost like the developers of the game put it in as a middle finger to us for all the complaining we have been doing.


The only good thing they have put in is the toxic spit and the tendril dash. So how about this? ​Give us a spit that can heal nests! Then make the UV heal and UV shield have separate cool downs.

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