What's Invoke And What's This Message?

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You can use the Invokes to jump inside of the quest. I don't know why but it doesn't work in this window shown in your picture. But if you right click in your quest you can choose "Invoke here" and jump inside your quest back and forth if your game is opened and if you make something like this:

,goto <> SpawnPoint Spawnpoint1 -distance=3
    ,debugpos SpawnPoint Spawnpoint1

You will also jump to the point where the spawnpoint is located and not only the current phase.




So my question is: Is there a possibility to go back to a specific phase of the quest after the player dies? So for example a movie starts all over again after the death of the player? I never found a phase to invoke to a specific point in my quest. Maybe someone else already found out.

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My invokes window is always empty.

But such a function will be helpful for debugging long quests. (Thx Joluk)

Is there some invoke script in projects folders or you can

Create one?

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This window works when you set a proper debugpos code

,goto <<debugTest>> SpawnPoint Debug_spawn_awakening -distance=5 -show=false
    ,debugpos SpawnPoint Debug_spawn_awakening

(if you have the "E    Phase with 'debugpos' needs unique name: _" warning, just comment the code with <<Something>> instead of this"_" )   


(all phases should turn into grey color after the debugpos code)

And then, you press play button (little arrow next to it) and play with invoke.

Now your map will start exactly where you put the spawnpoint(disable respawn in the debug spawnpoint or it will be used instead of your designed spawns and you

can also debugpos with only this code

    ,debugpos SpawnPoint Debug_spawn_awakening

after some phase with sensor goto or object)


Now to respawn where you want also backwards, press escape while ingame to pop menu up then switch to the editor (pxsl quest editor window)

and select one phase then, press on invoke and move player to position...button (little guy icon) and some yellow arrow should appear

on the left side of the code margin and now switch back to the editor's map player and resume game.

Now the player should respawn where the yellow arrow point in the code.

(this will not work each time)

so try to press disconnect button then connect again and little guy button again.

then check again ingame.

If the player still not respawn where the quest arrow is pointing, select another phase and press little guy again and the yellow arrow should move there

and after some attempts you should be able to respawn the player.


There's an invoke option in the devtools map player's menu but i never managed to respawn the player to the listed debugpos so maybe this could work after

many attempts?

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good stuff!


but a few problems:




i placed the spawner on the map, added the debug spawn code.

that error appeared (i changed _ with <<>>). works fine.

i press "play with invoke" and select the debug goto phase i want in the "play with invoke window", and i enter the game at that phase point. 

good stuff.




1 - the phases don't turn grey after the debug position. is that a problem?


2 - i can't go back to a phase by escaping the game and going to the quest editor, selecting phase and pressing the little guy...all those buttons are greyed out. should the game be connected at this point?

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1: no




Debugpos is always spawning the player at the same point.

But you can add many debugpos and then choose

Where to spawn in the play with invoke window.


And yes, the game should be connected with the tools.


compile (generate) the code again then press play and go back to the tools

Once the game is running and you should be able the select some phase then press the little guy 's invoke button.

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Maybe this funktion could be used for checkpoints too. So the player can quit the game after a marked checkpoint and when he starts the map again he can press a button and the map automaticly invokes to a specific point.

I will look through the editor if this is possible.

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