Maybe Some New Nerfs And Patches

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Alright so I've been hearing WAYYY to much whining from both sides. So I'm here to take it a bit easier on techland. There really isn't a reason to make dodges limited, maybe you could make certain things not be done while your dodging, i.e shining their UV light, throwing a flare or maybe not be able to look around. You could also give us back the backwards locomotion skill, it was insanely useful it let us dodge the UV light pretty well and cause the humans to panic. You could also have the skills last longer and recharge faster depending on how much humans there are, the hunter is supported to be good right? On the humans side, gp is ridiculous, so how about we half the damage of it. It will be more of a support skill. Another nerf suggestion for the humans is maybe you can't dodge a tackle in the air or mid dodge, a tackle is high risk for no reward, your gonna eat much more damage if it gets evaded then your gonna dish out.


Btw, I'm a PS4 player, and I may stream it occasionally. I love Dying Light, I think btz could be a very fun pvp game mode, it just needs a little tweaking. Now if you go with 2 of my nerf suggestions, you will see that it is balanced now. The dodge needed a severe nerf, but don't make it limited.

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