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Only A Mode, Why Not?

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Now, i see more human are spammer, because they use flares too much. Why Techland don't neft all mode? In Normal mode, human can use 2~3 flares and they play with team, but hunter don't add 1~2 spit, or buff energy, why not?
I see more room with 2~4 human and they spammed flares so much, 2 human = 6 flares, 4 human = 12 flares, and more UV light, they always use 3~4 flares when hunter near... Nest Zone change to Flares Zone!!! In The following, it is nightmare with Hunter, because they can run around and spam UV.
In 4v1, they can recovery Heal fast, why don't change all mode like Nightmare? They can't spame medkit.

And if human drop kick to hunter, hunter can't run (cut scene) and other human will kill hunter so eazy (Spam crossbow with 30~35% HP/1 hit), why Drop kick too op?
Sr my Engligh not good, but Normal Mode don't balanced, i hope Techland can fix all mode is 1 (like hard or nightmare in BTZ)

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