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I Don't Think They're Gonna Fix It..

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Pretty clear Night Hunters will stay underdogs for the rest of eternity now. We know the mode is BS and how humans have a back door escape to every situation Night Hunters try and put'em in, only way for us to put them in a tight situation is if we work super fast and we have to execute our play PERFECTLY or else we're killed with a penalty or something.,the Dupes and humans having no penalties, the spams, pretty much everything.


I saw so many posts complaining about the amount of BS in this game mode, and I agree with them. But it won't be fixed. They're working on a new game and this one's pretty much over. That's why I made a post about DL2. 


I'm sure techland got the message over and over about the BS in Dying Light and how only like 2 of their patches work.


I want the game mode to be fixed to but it won't happen and the Night Zombie is anything but a Night Hunter. Stopped playing Dying Light like 3-4 months ago.

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