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A. Ryan

Recent Changelog For Btz?

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I haven't played BTZ in a few weeks. Upon starting my Xbox one, Dying Light needed an update that was over 1GB. When I started BTZ, it was stated that this mode of the game was updated and by continuing I would be saving my game in this new format. This is usually indicative of some changes since this occurred when "The Following" was released as well. I saw that backward tendril is now longer available when it has been in the game forever. I'm not sure if the recent flare cooldown would constitute part of this changelog, but I figured since BTZ forces you to play in this a "new" format, some other changes have to be present. I also noticed in the options menu there is a new section called "chromatic aberration effect" that is defaulted to "on". I have no idea what that option does at this time. Has anything experienced anything new or any have further information?


**EDIT** - Upon doing some research I found the latest changelog from 7/5/16.


Various stability improvements (including co-op)


Minor tweaks and fixes


Various balance tweaks regarding Be the Zombie mode


Dying Light: The Following DLC fixes: Fixed losing buggy parts after playing Be the Zombie


Fixed buggy paintjob replication


Minor fixes and improving balance


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