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Report Of Dying Light Game Xbox One

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Gamertag is YeahFishken. I was playing in my friends game and while we were doing a quest, someone joined and the game started lagging crazily. My friend kicked him and my other friend said don't join back. The player persisted to join back and we kicked him again. He joined two more times and the fourth time he joined back all our games crashed. We all started up Dying Light again but all our saves have been reset (quest wise (We lost all our progress of the games story and now have to redo it all)). My friend hosting the game went to bed as my other friend and I continue to play. We both acknowledge what we lost and tried to get it all back. I lost just my missions, it seemed at first, and he lost his missions and his trust rank. He regained his trust rank and we continued to play until the quest "Anomalies". I then got off for an hour and got back on. I thought I might check my progress on my Campaign of the normal story. It was blank and when I loaded the save up (for the normal Campaign) it put me into the Following campaign and I had no missions, no safe zones, nothing was accessible. My game is confirmed to be screwed and it because of either the game being bugged and scripts screwed themselves or another player had some form of modification attached to his online connection that screws the scripts over and leaves them wiped.


Really hope ya's read this and get on top of this as soon as possible because my friends and I almost quit playing the game for good. Find a way to convince for backup saving as well. So if a glitch happens to take place in a player's game, they can reset the game to a particular spot before the glitch happened and I mean a backup system outside the game like cloud.

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