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Moving The Buggy

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Is it possible to move the buggy while the player is not in it, such as like when it's on an elevator?


I have a movie in a map that animates an elevator, with the intent to move the buggy to a higher position. 

Barrier objects  moving within the movie don't move the buggy.


As long as the player is in the buggy, the elevator works, regardless of the use of a barrier object.

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Maybe force the player to use a trigger on the elevator

Platform so that he need to get out of the buggy.

Then put a fake buggy that will appear on the platform

And be moved by movie.


Once up, make the buggy spawn appear on top

Of the cliff or whatever.


Or with a cutscene movie that fake buggy elevation

Then, spawn both player and buggy on top.


Using the buggy spawner trigger in quest may let you spawn it or maybe it ´s possible to set the buggy respawner

To automatic.

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