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Hi I finished the games in normal and then started again fully fresh with nothing on nightmare. After some grinding I'm 23/21/24 legend rank 8 just hitting old town.


Iv two questions, big one relating to the title.. I can get upto trial 6 but the goons have nightmare type of hp so it's physically impossible to kill in the time limit be with canisters or skull bashing.. So what's the trick.. Or is the issue gonna be fixed as the Vids iv seen all kill them like they normal mode? Alternatively can anyone help me get it done.. Iv only done single player but happy to open up multi for a round to achieve the bow.


Other question not bozak related.. How in hell are people doing nights killing volatiles? Iv unloaded all my ammo in 3 guns and explosive arrows on a trapped volatile and they don't die. I hear ppl say cheat to 250 lvl.. But is there something I'm missing without cheating?


Ps Incase anyone does wanna help I'm aussie time zone.

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When you get 250 lvl. You will upgrade ur weapon damages very much. Though TL reduced the damage of fire weapons to 8925. But there is a way out. You need to buy a Golden double barrel or Hunting gun with some high damage before u started to get legend lvl. You might get 14000+ damages from that weapon after upgrading. I did same.

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