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Dead Island Definitive Edition Bugs Any Chance Of Future Patching?

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Currently there's 13 pages (and counting) of bug reports concerning Dead Island Definitive edition over on the steam forums, ( )



Including, (but not limited to)

-Missing collision on signs & small poles:

You can drive (& walk) through them. They can be knocked over if struck with a weapon but sometimes that fails to work. This happens with all other similar small signs & poles as well.

-Zeds can move through & get stuck in the back of trucks:


Doesn't seem to be rare but it doesn't automatically occur all the time either. When jumping or running around a truck, zombies sometimes clip inside the flatbed section..



-Invisible blockage in lifeguard station:


Some kind of rectangular shaped invisible blockage


-Vending machine clipping into wall at lifeguard station:

This vending machine is clipping into the wall. Could be moved over a bit.



-Pinboards reversed texture


These pinboards have a reversed texture. They are used in many places .


-Missing player collision

The large circular shrubbery in the resort used down the beach do not have player collision. I kind of like it but seems exploitative.

These circular shrubbery all down the beach (& elsewhere throughout the resort) do not have player collision. You can just run in there & zombies will not follow. I sort of it like but seems unfair (zombies gotta eat too).

-Survivor using radio voice upclose

As I approached this survivor, with us being face to face, his first two lines of dialogue sounded like it came over a radio. 


-Unable to click option

As I clicked to choose & activate the "Blunt Expert" skill. I found myself unable to submit a "yes" or "no" by clicking, I ended up just pushing "enter" to move past the screen. (This didn't happen while clicking to activate any previous skills thus far)

-1st person hand texture does not match (Xian Mei)
The 1st person hand texture of Xian Mei doesn't seem to match her 3rd person texture.

-Inability to shoot from passenger seats of vehicles.

In the original you could fire from the passenger seats of vehicles in co-op, not so any more.



-Sound issues in co-op

In co-op the sound of your co op partner regularly drops off to near silence, rendering their gunshots, character shouts, etc completely mute. Also when they speak to a quest giver the quest dialogue often fails to play for the rest of the players.


-Flickering texture (Electricity symbol)
The electricity symbol at multiple locations flickers on & off.


-Held objects flickering
The textures of the brown box (used for stacking, ect), Juice box & Fuel Tank will flicker when held. The red explodable tank does not have this problem


-Mercury(& black) blood:
Something very wrong with the reflection or color of blood, results in chrome (& black) blood.


-Coughing invisible women in lifeguard station
You can hear her but can't see her. She is very shy & very sick


-No character shadow
You can still see shadows of other players, but In this version of the game you can not see your own shadow.


-Can no longer drown zeds
In the original DI zombies could drown. If their face went below the water line they would start taking damage. You would see the damage pop up as well (if had that hud option enabled)


-Floating restroom sign
The sign in the restroom of the resort seems to be suspended in the air. But then again, why Is it placed inside the room?


-Mesh gap
Large mesh gaps between terrain & objects.


-White mesh clipping though objects
This is during chapter 3 in the hotel. After talking to mike for the last time you will go down a hall near some stairs. In this hall there is a large white mesh clipping through walls & other objects.


-Map marker remnant
If you place a map marker, an invisible square box with collision will be placed in that spot in game as well. Removing the map marker will remove the box.


-Music tracks overlapping
The tracks started overlapping during the mission to save amber. One track stopped as the mission updated.


-Water glimmer effect on wrong surface/area of sewers
A nice glimmer effect but looks out-of-place in this area


-Zeds spawning in pipes of sewer
They spawn and are stuck, often remaining in a half glitched state.

-Strange blockage between aisles
In the last room of the supermarket. I ran into an invisible blockage somewhat unlike others. I could pass through if I look down while moving forward.



Many of us are curious if any of these bugs are going to be patched at some point, or if this game is just a "dump'n run" offer that will receive zero tech support. (And we've all learned by now asking Deep Silver for product support for a Dead Island game is beyond useless.)

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