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Please Decouple Gold Weapon Find Chance From Btz Play

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The way I understand it, and correct me if I am wrong, the higher level your survivor rank is from BTZ, the higher your chance of finding gold weapons from chests in the normal game (or from Bozak dockets or whatnot).

This is really an intolerable situation. I played Dying light + the following all the way through. In that time I played a bunch of BTZ. I got my rank up to 1 down from Ulttimate survivor.


Then I started a New game + after completing both games. My friends and I decided to play though the game moving only at night to see if we could do that way for more of a challenge. We used a mod to lengthen the nighttime timescale (otherwise you can't get anything done). So we are getting no invasions. However I just did a BTZ match with a friend and was promoted to casualty. Apparently the New game + RESET my survivor rank.


Now I have no rank and would have to play side games to rank up BTZ, but I can't because my group has played together since day 1 and we agreed not to get side exp (legend levels) so i'd have to be careful not to get any extra xp while doing BTZ.


Why in the world is anything in the single player mode tied to finding games against other people to play in BTZ? I'm not relegated to sitting down one day iwth my buddies and invading each others games and quitting after one nest to raise our rank back up.


Can't this drop chance be tied to steam based achievement by account with 10 lvls or what not and achieve it once and keep it? I don't want to have to raise my survivor rank every time i want to replay the game.....


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