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So I've decided I finally want the last 2 costumes I don't have after getting around to getting the bozak outfits, bow, & blueprint. So I have a few questions.


Question 1: When I start a new game in a new save slot & beat the game on hard, will the costumes be able to be used on my main game save with my 100+ hours played? Or no?


Question 2: If a friend decides to help me through on hard mode since he's basically a powerhouse himself, will he have to worry about losing all his inventory/skill progression/stash when he joins my game, having not yet started a hard mode game himself?


Thanks for helping.

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The answer to your first question: no. If you start a new save and unlock outfits on THAT save, then those outfits will only be available for that game save(exception is DLC outfits).


For your second question: if your friend joins your game on a difficulty he's not on in his own game, then no the game will not overwrite his previous story progression.


What you both could do is go into your game settings and just change the difficulty on your primary game saves, this way you keep all the items you want to use and you don't have to start a new game from scratch.

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