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Why Oh Why Are The Most Important Things In The Dev Tools Still Fucked Up Techland?

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Hello Techland,


Why oh why are the most important things in the Dev Tools still fucked up Techland????

If you want people to make mods, then give them tools that actually work and let us do that!


Why oh why are the following things still fucked up???:


- Generate preview of meshes still brings black meshes.

- Why does it only generate previews of about 600 objects when there are more than 7000 meshes in it of which most don't have a preview yet.

- Why does it show more than 1 mesh in the preview when you double click a mesh? Is it really that difficult to show just one object when you double click a mesh?


Do you even test things yourself before you publish it? If yes, then why do you deliver such s.h.i.t.?

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