Dying Light "the Following" Continuation Idea

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Well, I think I have a possible continuation to the recent Dying Light expansion: "The Following".


Be aware, I will mention BIG spoilers regarding one of the endings of "The Following", and the campaign.


As we know, The Mother, the leader of "The Children of the Sun", infected Kyle Crane with a vial containing the Harran Virus in a liquid form. After defeating the mother, he turns into  a "Sentient Volatile", just like her. It ends here, but my idea consists in this: After turning in a horrendous creature, Crane would try to seek shelter within the Countryside, having no sucess. He realizes how The Mother got along the crazy cult, and he steals a Acolyte's clothes, while being unnoticed by the various habitants of the Countryside. The Children of The Sun praise him, saying that he is some kind of "New Mother" for them, a new leader, a new prophet.

Meanwhile, in the city of Harran, the people of the tower are falling apart by the infection, and the local nurse, Lena, is worried, believing Kyle dissapeared, with no traces left behind him. Brecken knows of this tragic news, and sends a runner (Or maybe, he will go), tasking him with the tracking of the now Infected Kyle Crane.

The Children of The Sun advance with their new leader, and get more and more close to the people of the city thanks to the knowledge of Crane. He is another person, a shadow of what he used to be.


So, that's it. Maybe the ending can consist of the knowledge of the pure strain of the Harran Virus found by The Mother. The player ends this story giving this sample to Doctor Camden, who, with the help of the protagonist, gets more close to a Cure.


Hope you like this, sorry if you find some grammatical errors, and if you think this idea is good, or it needs something changed, let me know. :)

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