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Nh Counterattacks And Chained Counter Tricks

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Ok guys and girls, recently i was improvising the trick that one of my friends of steam pulls it off every time and that's:


Quick tackle counterattack:


There are two ways:


Pounce interrupt tackle counter attack and Evade tackle -> tackle counterattack:


Pounce interrupt tackle counterattack:


When you get interrupted-> tap shift (sprint button) -> during falling animation quickly turn by 180 degress -> tackle ( 95 % guaranteed hit) and if you somehow miss you can do same thing and that's where evade tackle comes in so basically you can chain tons of tackles in very short amount of time.


Another option is to add jump after tapping sprint because its more viable if you arent on flat ground or near a wall.

Works either with interrupted pounce or evaded tackle makes no difference.


So this trick or animation breaking can prove quite useful for any skilled NH's, ofc more experienced players may already know of this :).



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I know that, and BTW: "More Experienced" Hunters can block Death from Above by use Tackle ;)

Yea i know, but works only on lower heights unfortinetly i never landed tackle when they were like 50 meters above me xD...i prefer to counter it with pounce if my stamina lets me or just uv shield + pounce.

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