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Spit Smash And Ground Pound Counters

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Spit Smash (Hazmat Horde) - use "Cloak Potion" after it. Its fast in use + neutralize Horde (have cooldown like other potions) --- Always Work

Spit Smash (UV Flashlight Block) - Some second before when you know if Night Hunter will use this Spit Smash throw 1-2 flares up into air. You get hitted by UV Spit, but falling flares "can" block pounce - Work Often

Spit Smash (Survivor Sense) - Night Hunter is not really quiet when move. You can hear his tendrils, and standard throw some flares if you have.

Spit Smash (Toxic Spit) - Fall back, just only fall back!


Ground Pound counters - If Hunter recently use GP really close to you, holding LMB (Left-Mouse-Button) when use 2-hand weapons can deal him big damage (14/150 HP left). You can aslo: Wait for him with 2-hand weapon ready to throw, try to dodge it [...] and more.

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