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Improving Btz Game Mode

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Ok so this idea which i think is freakin awesome and challenging:


There are 5 stacks of the nests on BTZ, i was thinking to input the timer to destroy the nests:


1. Stack = 1min and 30 seconds

2. Stack = 1min and 15 seconds

3. Stack = 1minute

4. Stack = 50 seconds

5. Stack = 40 seconds


If the players fail to destroy the nests of any stack the volatiles hatch, and each has increased health.
Also there's timer for them of 1 minute to hunt them down and kill them, so basically it will count as none destroyed nest and if you fail to kill them they will evolve to evolved volatile.
So basically theyre rushing to next nest area to defend it, to decrease the odds of failure kill them as fast as possible.

Also if they evolve theyre more tanky than goons and demolishers.


For countryside map the timers are x2 higher.


This game mode is designed for experienced players and tied to ranking system if youre contender or above you can see this game mode in options but if youre below it you cant.


So if Techland will find this useful they can do something about etc.

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