Hey Techland.. Look This Guy.

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I face this guy and i found this video.. This happens same to me. This guy using all these itens hack and no reload weapons.


This guy with no reload weapons.. crossbow no reload. Hook gold with mod poison! Flares gold! and maybe something more.

So.. all these itens dont exist on the game! Not gold!




So.. i dont understand you techland. You put the VAC secure game.. but i see many hackers playing there and dont get ban!?


This player - "AI-Sah-him" - This guy always cheat on this game.. since release! And dont got ban!

He haves all itens modified.. light UV gold.. super potions modified and others itens modified!

He teleport, He has infinite health, infinite energy, super speed and super jump, and recovery fast when he miss his groundpound!


This guy is a just example of problem are happening on this game.

You really think this VAC secure is working?
That SHI.T does not work and may not even exist in the game.
Maybe just this writing that the game has, but does not work nothing!
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Lol i just come across this post. Talk about hypocritical, this guys name is Mago in dying light and he hacks himself as hunter .... 

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Hack? lol ok. Just proves my friend.

Your prove from other topic: DaniloC.Q, on 24 Feb 2016 - 04:32 AM, said:


People I do not care about that. You are a hater.. with rage.. maybe i have beat you a lot. I know i have many enemies on this game.
And yes.. i used some cheats, but i used only on people i had absolutely sure used some cheats against me.
I'm man to take my mistake. Unlike many others that exist in this game using very well disguised.
But it was before this update.. now i play only on VAC game. Now i see some super survivors too weak for me.. why?
What happen with super skill of these players? Hehe.. cheat disabled  :D
And this list of cheats of group is nothing official. Half of these members of this group used cheats. But i ignore them.
Many people called me cheater because cant kill me easy.. only with great strategy and with friends to help.
My game is always streamming on steam.. all people can watch my game.. and i dont worry about people saying about me.
I always playing with vac game.. and now.. i play only for fun.. i dont care about loss or win.
Because now this game.. all survivors and all hunters know play it.
And all things strange i see on the game.. i will report here.. and on steam.
Bye haters  :)


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