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Nh Leveling Suggestions For New Hunters And New Mutations

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Techland did good job at inputing flare disabled etc for exp, but 1 thing is missing:


Since Mutation 0, Mutation 1 on lv 1, Mutation 2 on lvl 1 and Mutation 3 on lvl 1 have all in common:

Pounce, Stationary GP and clawing.


First things first which i think most players would benefit from this:


Clawing Swipes +25 Exp per hit
Claw kill/KO +100 or +50 EXP


Mutations enhancemens:


Mutation 0 (New NH game) :

Starts as usual:


Pounce, Stationary GP 


Mutation 1:

Pounce, Stationary GP and Horde Spit


Mutation 2:


Pounce, Stationary GP Horde Spit and UV Suppressor Lvl 1 or Speed 


Mutation 3:


Pounce, Stationary GP + Horde Spit and Uv Suppressor lvl 1 + Speed + Uv Shield


Ofcourse with these suggestions some people would find them helpful while other would probably think it would be unbalanced or easier to start. But also makes room for new skills or whatever if Techland will do something like increasing max level to further enhance the NH's like add one more skill tree or split NH skill tree to sections like:


Spits , Stealth (in this section should come skills like pounce, pounce enhancements, speed, tendril locomotion enhancements, some stealth skills like new key button as for Uv shield or something like that) and last Combat Skill tree (GP enhancements, Tackles, Charges, Enhanced claw swipes which hit all enemies in an arc, Knockback claw swipes, ability to dodge, Support skills like Uv shield, Health increases and Stamina increases, resistance to weapons for example (which i believe this part could accually be unbalanced)...

So yeah... this is basically it :).

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