Well, F***!

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Ok, so the strangest thing happened to me. I'm playing the game, go to join someone's 0% co-op session, somehow... the game asks me to boot up The Following, strange... I was on normal campaign... but ok.


1 blank screen later I am greeted by the beginning of the normal campaign after loading the following...


the game auto saves. i freak out and exit.


My main campaign is still 100% BUT... and here's where it gets weird... I go to load the following, it says 90% story 0 complete lolwut? uh. ok.


So i load it and it loads into the beginning of the main campaign! omg! I even tried restarting from the first following quest and it just restarts to main campaign start.


Now what? Do I really have to delete my save? All the hours I put into both are meaningless? On top of this and several connection issues... well worth the $60... fix me.


PSN ID: bigrynoz

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