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Why Are Gold Weapons So Bad?

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I have gotten several gold weapons mostly from BTZ encounters.


Rune hammer,


Blade of order


Pretty sure those are the only 4 you can get, and none of them come close to the orange weapons you can periodically buy in the shops or find.


The blade of order has a decent base damage, but there is no blueprint you can add to it that matches a orange machete or cleaver. You can put a Toxic Reaper on either of those for almost twice the damage bonus as anything you can add to the blade of order ( The boltor poison is the closest). there are no medium/medium blueprints that can be applied to the blade of order, and almost no blueprints at all.


The gold reward weapons have been underwhelming as far as actual use in game. 1 more repair and higher durability just means you will be using a worse weapon longer.


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Just to remember, for all who maybe missed it......GOLD/GOLD UNIQUE weapons can only be find after reaching survive lvl 25........maybe for some who didnt find any gold, this is the reason why......otherwise just dont stop farming lock picks........


for me, it is totally b ullshit that gold weapns arent able to get with, for example survive lvl. 12.......why not???? Ok the unique fantasy gold weapons had to be only at lvl. 25... but the gold versions of the normal weapons should be available to find on ANY level.......because there are much people out there, who love it to restart the game, or on any lower lvl then 25, to play in another way, or to have a new charackter without all those multi killer skills.....


its not always fun to play on lvl 25 just for those gold weapons....which are on the high end lvl pretty useless.......on a lower survive lvl, a gold weapon would be like the worshipped weapon in your life....but for now its just all about time wasting playing just for a gold weapon.........stupid idea with those" full skilled only " weapons techland...!

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