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Be Honest! This Would Make The Gamemode Better!

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We should have the NH's choose a class between like 5 (or 10, Techland can be a bit more creative than me) different classes(all have different NH skins)


(All classes w/ ONE ability to come with it)Please read the Pros and Cons of these abilities


BreathingTank - Durability - HP damage is up to 5 hits in a 1v1, 6 hits in a 2v1, 7 hits in a 3v1, 8 hits in a 4v1

(Pros - Instead of UV heal, it has InstantBarrage where it goes into a physical damage immunity for 5 seconds, Cons - Not as fast as a default zombie speed, Tendril reach is reduced by 10%, During IndtantBarrage NH cannot pounce)


QuickStream - Speed is as fast as the Tendril Speed Sprint by default

(Pros - Can wall-run like we saw in BtZ Following Trailer((I know he didn't wall-run but you COULD make it a thing)) and Tackles has a farther Knock-Back, Cons - Spits don't reach as far, GP doesn't have a far effective Knock-Back)


VanishShadow - Has cloak for 7 seconds 

(Pros - Can temporarily go into a pot-hole in the street(kind of like a camper) and pounce only 1 survivor from it, Cons - Only moves as fast as default NH, UV gets drained A BIT faster)


Ghost - Can liquify its body and walk through only 2 walls every 3 - 5 mins!

(Pros - Tendril speed-launcher is faster((He has to keep up with the humans in SOME way)), Cons - Speed is drastically reduced)


TendrilSpree - Body builds up and gets bigger(kind of like a bomber) and instead of exploding, it releases a whole bunch of Tendrils that do not grab, they PUSH all humans around the NH away like 20 meters(In EVERY direction, up, down, next to)

(Pros - The TendrilPush has a big push range((can push anyone that's at least 10 meters or 13 meters around the NH)), Cons - Has a 30 second cooldown((Which is a long time tbh)))


CrashDown - Has a move where it jumps far up into the air, and CRASHES down onto the ground releasing a big explosion that removes 50 or 60% of the humans' health if in the 20 meter radius.

(Pros - Has an ability where when he crashes down and explodes, he releases a spit ((Whichever spit is selected during the crashdown)) Cons - He dies after use)


Each of these classes has their own "Mutation" moves depending on it's class. But they all have the regular skilltree. ((Each class has a mutation move that is relevant and actually is connected to it's class, for example, Don't give -BreathingTank- an ability that would be better with CrashDown or something))


So, what do you guys think of this idea? Feel free to alter some of my ideas if you think a bit too OP.


Pete, would you mind replying to this comment your thoughts of this idea?

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