Can't Start The Following After Restarting A New Game With Same Character

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i need help for starting (again) The Following.


I've got the game & all DLC. All legit (from steam). Savegame is as well from legit copy. I already played and finished the game (twice) & the Following (once). Played like 220 hours with the same character. My game was a new game plus (difficult) when i finished.

I restarted a new game (not the following) weeks ago, with all my skills & inventory (with the same character). Played solo & online. Got no problem. I leveled up my legendary skills. No problem.


Now the problem is: when i want to enter "The Following" maps (Play -> The Following -> Advanced -> etc.) the game load my character at "shantytown" as if I was not allowed to play the Following.

If i try the following with a lvl1 character (a new fresh game), it says i didnt finished the prologue. Normal.

If i try the following with a dowloaded savegame (from Internet, 100% completed with lots of gold stuffs etc, whatever), i'm able to enter the Following.


How could i use my own savegame (which seems to be "broken") to play again the Following? Need clues? 


Thanks for your help

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When i launch The following, i always start at main campaign so i try to finish the game (again)... i killed Rais, got the final cinematic, got the "Good night good luck" and then... immediatly got the endin cinematic of the following. ??!!!??? I try to enter the following after that but again, started at main campaign. :(

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