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Getting In And Out Of Nh Mode Needs A Fix

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I play with 2 friends and played all through DL with them. We're in the following now, almost done. We love NH mode even though we generally lose (my friends are casual players). Still fun. The less fun part is losing our legend levels EVERY SINGLE TIME we come out of NH and die. This happens for several reason. 


1) monsters appear. Upon killing the last hive and getting back into regular mode, Goons drop on your head. This happened. A goon literally dropped down from the sky on one of us and then based us all (we were all hacking at the last nest after killing the NH so were in a group).


Can we get a delay of monster spawn?


2) Dying to the NH after the mode. Anyone "Down" when the mode ends, stays "Down". Thus of the horde spit takes down 1 team mate, and the other dies to the Hunter as the last death, the "downed teammate enters regular mode as "down" and nobody close enough to raise them... so they die. NH mode should be NH mode, shouldn't have to worry about losing millions of points in transition.


All players should have their deaths counted as in NH mode (no penalty) and appear Alive back in the game, at least.


3) The menu GOD THE MENU. The menu pops up asking if you want to keep invasion on... but it pops for ALL 3 of us. And while it's up on your screen you can DIE TO ZOMBIES while not being able to move. It only goes away after ALL 3 players have clicked it, so if one of us is just slightly lagged from the others we stand there dying while the invasion screen question is up. this is what ends up killing us the most. Sometimes i click the menu and both my buddies click it and it pops back up for all three of us, and we all have to click it again, once it popped up no less than 5 times. Once we had to Cntl alt del the game to get rid of it. Of course the longer it's up the more likely death is to happen while it is.


PLEASE get rid of this entirely. People can toggle it off. if they want from their menu screens.

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