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An Outfit Idea

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  • Bulletproof mask, because who wants Night Hunter claw-marks on their face?
  • Bulletproof vest, so you can still breathe easily after you've been tackled.
  • Military-grade wrist watchwaterproof and with radium dials!
  • Military-grade boots, for running countless miles comfortably.
  • Waterproof flashlight, nothing special really.
  • A black shirt to match the outfit, stretchy material for easy movement.
  • Military-grade gloves, so your hands won't bleed after climbing all those buildings.
  • ​Black cargo pants with knee pads, so you can keep making those zombie heads explode without any pain and/or knee damage!

That's all, of course this outfit is just an aesthetic item that doesn't add any extra's or better stats to your character.


I would love to play against Night Hunters in this outfit. I hope the developers see this and say what they think. On top of that, feel free to say what you like and dislike about this.

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