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Multiplayer Issue From Vac + Possible Fix


do anybody have this weird issue that wile VAC is turnt off youre getting kicked because youre or somebody have not been successfully authenticated ?

well i have..


co-op has no problem at all i can play for hours but after a 3 guy joint it will take around 15 a 30 min before the first guy is getting kicked

yes the first guy because when the 2 guys will play together after the 3 guy is kicked the 2e guy CAN be kicked also,


some backgrond info


all people has/have

  •  not been banned
  • use no mods at all and never did it
  • dont use cheats
  • all use steam
  • steam has been authenticated white e-mail
  • all in same country  


some questions i dont know

why are we kicked and always has something to do whit VAC?

why is VAC causing it wile it is off!!

​why is it working for around a half hour and suddenly not anymore?  


after 2 weeks i found a fix for pc using Hamachi (lan on the internet)


​my question is are we 3 the only one because i cant find on the internet an a similarly problem

do anybody have a different fix for it?

do anybody have this problem?


if so i can post the fix i used in around 2 days

but i dont know if you can still play whit other people that have not used the same fix 

if you know let me please know


if you haven't noticed i am not good at engles and used google a lot :ph34r:   





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