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Bug : ''unspent Skill Points'' Update : Fixed

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Every 1 or 2 minutes I keep getting an in-game pop-up message saying ''You have unspent skill-points''

eventhough I don't have any unused points. 


This started yesterday when I reached the maximum driver rank in a co-op session in The Following on Xbox One.

After that , I leveled up a rank in Legendary Levels but the problem still persists.


I could only find a few people reporting this on other websites.


UPDATE : Fixed.


Got fast reply from Techland through a ticket , advised to unistall and re-install the game.


After doing so , I loaded the campaign and still got the pop-up.

I chose ''respec'' Legendary Levels so I could redistribute them again , leaving me with unspent skill points.

Then I switched back to the Following and noticed I had 1 skill point back in Driver rank. 

Using that point again fixed the issue for me.


I'm certain I did not have this skill point available anymore before doing this

which leaves me to think the re-install progress might have fixed it

but it wasn't immediately apparent because I loaded the campaign first , in which you don't see the Driver skill-tree.

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