!spoilers! Ezgi Suggestion

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I have completed every quest in both the vanilla game and DLC so I'm talking about post-game here.


I know this would require quite a lot of work (some voice recording and some programming), but it would be awesome to actually meet Ezgi in tower after you tell her father she's in there.

Right now the original game and The Following are only connected in one direction. For example, Tolga and Fatim travel through the game chronologically. But there doesn't seem to be any way in which events of The Following can influence Harran. I understand why they are presented as separate gaming experiences, but IMHO connecting them in that particular or any other similar way would be awesome. Since we aren't prohibited to come back to Harran anyway.



On the side note:

1. Scaling Demolishers in size to make superzombies makes no sense. Their helmets are as big a beach ball -___-"

2. Souvenirs in Crane's room are amazing.

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The large demolisher in front of the mansion has a buggy for armor instead of police gear, I wish all the larger demolishers had that.    Also I wish that demolishers had multiple tiers (like goons do) and the car armor would be one of them.  atm I'm playing the following and regular demolishers are the weakest enemy (it's just bizarre)

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