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Completely Get Rid Of The Handicap/rubberbanding System

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The gaming experience has definitely improved on both sides of the fight since the recent patch. But the fact the one side gets buffed if they're losing, and the other side gets nerfed if they're winning, is still very counterintuitive.


Please keep in mind that I'm not prejudiced to one side, as I play on both sides. With the patch that brought in The Following, you guys brought in some great balances that makes the experience better than ever. The only thing that ruins that is this handicap system you guys introduced.


Besides for all the exploits, this games pvp has been amazing for the last year. It's been just fine so I don't see the need to change it in such a big way.


I've said this before, but this system prevents players from getting better! When you're not good at a game, and you just get free buffs handed to you for sucking, that prevents players from getting better at the game!


It makes games drag on horribly! When I'm winning as the human, the Night Hunter comes in constantly spitting at me, and it's honestly extremely annoying to deal with constant spits just to make a game drag on so badly. The average game for me used to be like maybe 7 to 12 kills. Now I'm getting upward of 25 to 30 kills a game. That's not fun for either side to drag a game on like that. I lost a game the other day after I was winning with two nests destroyed and 1 life lost. Then after that I got constant spit smashed and he spent the rest of the game constantly getting spits and because of this, ended up beating me. Mostly because his lag was also letting him get ridiculously ranged ground pounds and tackes. But that's beside the point.


This system prevents a true game from taking place. What I mean by this is let's say I'm the Night Hunter playing against 4 very adept humans. I get a somewhat cushy lead, let's say 4 lives left with 4 nests left. Because of this I become nerfed, and they get buffed. They get easier nests and I get drained stupid fast, as well as get my spits super slow. I'm out of spits and I can't move in for a barrage of ground pounds since I get drained too fast. So they basically get free nests while I'm rendered nearly useless. I myself can usually pull off something to continue getting kills but most hunters can't. This system is like making things fair for little kids. I like the true competitive nature that this game always had. If two teams are closely matched, the game will be close. If one team is far better, they will blow the other team out. That's the way the game always was, and the way it should be.


If you're going to change anything to try to give the losing side a chance, don't change the players, change the circumstances! In this case it's the nests. If the humans are losing substantially, make the distance between nests closer, and make them basic. If the Hunter is losing substantially, make the nest more complicated! I.e. more brood, more nests defenders/goons. Like I said before, if the human makes it to the last nest with all lives intact, put a Demolisher there to guard the last nest! That would be pretty interesting. Main point here, change the circumstances, but leave the players alone.


The patches you guys introduced balanced the game greatly, and without this rubberbanding system, this game would be near perfect. Please remove it.

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There are many things that i would tweak to make this game more fair, and this happens to be one of them. One of the things that annoys me the most is, lets say I have say 5 kills on them, and they only have one nest; when they kill me, my respawn time is long enough to where they can take out the next nest, camo up, and start moving to the next nest by the time I get back there. I lost a match last night because of this. It was 2 kills to 1 nest, then 3 kills to 1 nest, 4 kills to 2 nests, 4 kills to 3 nests, then 6 kills to 3 nests, 6 kills to 4 nests, then 9 kills to 1 nest. Because of the respawn time, they had just enough time to make it to the nest and destroy it, AS I was about to pounce one of them. I was so upset over this fact, and it was because I had such a nice comeback that I got shafted. It was a perfectly balanced game, and they made a few mistakes late in it. I shouldn't be penalized because they slipped up. 

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