Patchnotes For Xbox / Pc?

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Here a release note that they posted in steam


Patch 1.11.0 release notes:

Added new community created maps
Various stability improvements, including co-op
Fixed quarantine zones not being playable more than once
Removed common duplication exploits
Minor tweaks and fixes improving the game
Added NVIDIA Percentage Closer Soft Shadows (PCSS)

Dying Light: The Following fixes:

  • Fixed quest progression issues in certain situations
  • Balance and progression tweaks



Not detailed but it also include BTZ changes, OHK nest fix, rubber banding lower, etc and they also fixed the 15th unknown stone so you can get it now, and they also reduce firearm damage, and make it so the DRP can't be picked up by other players

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They also fixed replaying quarantine zones. (The Enhanced Edition patch broke the original fix.)


We are missing two of the community maps they advertised though, and one of the ones we did get appears to have the wrong name.

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