Rupert Has Vanished!

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Hey guys I finished Rupert's quest line, picked up the angel sword mod, a few weapons, and closed the game. To my surprise the next time I didn't have the mod. Where can I find Rupert, as he's not on his shop? He's not at the child care either. Any clue where can I find him? Oh I'm on the PS4. 

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You mean the old rupert right? He's been busy viewing and approving my videos for awhile, like this one (minute 3.05): 

I still have a lot of videos for him to approve so it will be sometimes before he can show up in your game :lol: 


(Serious answer: i don't know where he is tbh)


Maybe the others can tell u. so guys! where is waldo.. er i mean rupert?)  :D

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