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Knight Raime

"various Hunter/survivor Buffs" And Buggy Testing.

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I'm going to preface this with the fact that my friend was a max level survivor and a 250 legend rank.  So in the big patch we got with the enhanced edition one of the changes to be the zombie was that humans and hunters get buffs when one side is clearly winning.  However this isn't entirely correct.  I'm going to go over in detail what happens exactly. this was a 1v1 testing.


You see survivors never get a buff.  well sort of.  When a hunter is absolutely destroying the humans the hunter gets debuffed.  The survivor's cool downs are the same.  spawn time is the same. run speed, damage, health, etc are all the same.  BUT the hunter ends up getting a longer cooldown on his spit.  and a longer spawn timer.


Normally in a 1v1 spits come back in about a minute.  with full tilt active where the survivor has 4 lives or less and not a single nest has been destroyed my spits take a minute and 30 seconds.  and my death which lets me spawn in 10 seconds now takes 20 seconds.  Further testing shows that even if the survivor kills me a bunch and destroys most of my nests my debuff is still active.  We didn't spend forever killing me.  But after 10 deaths and all but one nest destroyed my timers seemed to stay the same.  Meaning even If A hunter makes a big come back one death or an over commitment may chupacabra the hunter over.


Now lets revers the situation.  What if the hunter has yet to secure a single kill but most nests are destroyed and the hunter has been killed a handful of times?  My spits come back sooner.  I spawn in sooner.  and the humans respawn timer is increased.  By how much?


Well the max results are...hunter spawn time is now 3 seconds.  the humans is now 14 seconds.  and my spits go from being a minute cool down to around 30 seconds.  But that's not the only changes.  nests get some too.  You don't get extra zombies.  well unless your in an area where a special zombie is.  Like on the bridge in the slums normally there is a big dude with a crowbar and one spitter.  But in this case there was 2 of each.  On top of that now each nest has 3 volatiles to destroy and there is one big guy with a crow bar at each one.


However.  unlike the debuffs for the hunter when the hunter stomps the human these buffs the hunter get will reverse.  it takes about a 4-5 kills on the survivor for the spit to return to normal charge times and the nests to go back to only having 2 targets and the big guys are gone.  However the spit cool down timer can and will change during nests.  But the nest changes will not occur till the survivor moves to the next next progression wise.



Now for the buggy.  I've heard a lot of complaints about the buggy being "op." And i'm going to tell you that they are not.  With a maxed out buggy going really fast with turbo active you can't one hit the hunter when he has full health.  nor can you one hit a volatile target.  (it is however possible to get the buggy stuck on top of a volatile which causes continual damage.)  the flame thrower can't even kill a night hunter at full health.  the full duration leaves the hunter at 40 health.  Nor can the flame thrower kill a volatile.  The electric cage does minimal damage to both and doesn't even shake the hunter off.



Well that was a long post.  So I'll wrap it up in bullet points.


HUNTER DEBUFFS (AKA survivor buffs):

~longer spawn in time

~longer spit recharge

~debuffs last the whole match.



~short spawn time

~shorter spit cool down

~survivors longer spawn time.

~additional volatile in nests

~big crowbar guy in each nest

~"special" zombies that exist on the map by default get doubled.

~buffs can be lost.



~one hit a volatile

~one hit a hunter

~can't kill a hunter with full flamethrower

~can't kill a volatile with full flamethrower

~can't shake or kill a hunter with electric cage


Hopefully this was informative!

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