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Lord Calamari

Spawning Under The Map... But There's No Spawnpoint.

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Hello all, After the recent update with the dev tools, I've had a comment and some messages about my map trick or treat, people are now being spawned underneath the map, but the thing is I've never had this problem before and I haven't even loaded up the map in ages so I haven't changed anything. I went onto the map and tried it out myself and it happened to me too but when I went to go delete the spawnpoint that had appeared there, I found... there wasn't one, There is no spawnpoint there, but whenever I spawn under the map, its always in the same place, its like an invisible spawnpoint, all objects are set to visible, I've looked through all the spawnpoints in the assets list and there are only the original two that are meant to be there. Any ideas anyone, I have a feeling it might be something to do with this recent dev tools update

Thanks -LC

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